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Factura Express Key Features

  • We provide you with a rich and friendly user interface (GUI).
  • Data is stored safely and encrypted around the globe in World Class SAS 70 Type II Datacenters in order to comply with Sarbanes–Oxley Act, COBIT, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, ITIL, BS 7799 among others. Your data is protected against wars, natural disasters, human errors, unintended data deletion from your part, etc.
  • Pay as you go and other data plans for your CFDI credits are available. No long-term commitments or contracts.
  • We are constantly upgrading our software to give you the best tool available.
  • We develop using software engineering best practices.
  • The software is developed with the highest security policies using servers with the highest level of security and configuration.

  • Low rates and First 100 CFDI are Free when you sign up.
  • You can generate the payroll receipts to workers in CFDI format.
  • The folios or credits you buy from us, do not expire over time.
  • Customer and technical support included.
  • Sell products or provide services to the Retail Sector since we support the approved AMECE v7.1 Addendum and Retail SAT Complement.
  • We configure your Control Panel or Dashboard so you can operate almost immediately.
  • Configure your logo without any additional costs.
  • Download all the digital tax receipts you issue within a month in a single ZIP file from your Control Panel.
  • We can deliver you all the digital tax receipts (CFDI's) you generate in a monthly, bi-monthly, yearly or as often as you require. They are delivered to you or your clients in a CD/DVD or in printed form. (Fees apply).
  • All your client and inventory data can be stored in our system, so you do not need to retype the information every single time you issue a tax receipt.
  • You can import your client or inventory information from Microsoft Excel® or other databases, in the latter case, you can contact us.
  • If you are a Company or Legal Entity, you can configure as many branches you need without additional cost.
  • We provide your clients with a free digital inbox and an easy-to-use search engine, so they can consult every digital tax receipt you issue them. They can download them and have access to them for over 10 years 24/7.
  • We provide you with a free system connector for your e-commerce website or accounting systems (ERP's).
  • The digital tax receipts can be sent to your clients by e-mail.
  • Access to all the CFDI you issue from a powerful and easy-to-use search engine.
  • We configure your account to your specific needs so you can operate almost immediately.
  • Your digital tax receipts can be configured to use your logo and corporate colors. If you require more finer detail, we can customize it to your entire satisfaction with the aid of a professional graphic designer. (Fees apply).
  • The service is completely free for non-profit organizations.
  • You become paperless which saves you money, boosts productivity, saves space, makes electronic documentation and information sharing easier and minimizes environmental damage.
  • More features coming soon...

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